Training Programs

CCI offers several standardized training programs which are summarized below. These courses may be tailored to fit an organization’s needs.


Crisis Management Workshop (1 day)

The Crisis Management Workshop is a 1-day leadership-oriented session that covers the basic principles of implementing a crisis management program. Topics include sources of information, risk assessment, crisis management teams, crisis resolution and contingency planning.

Clients have the option to include an abbreviated table-top exercise or a half-day consultation session in lieu of some workshop topics.

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Hostage Event Workshop (1 day)

The Hostage Event Workshop is a 1-day session that provides leaders the basic principles of preparing for and managing a kidnapping or hostage event. Topics include managing contact with kidnappers, managing communications with families and government, handling the media, and a basic understanding of the negotiation process.

The workshop will be interactive and draw from real world case studies.

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Crisis Management Seminar (3 days)

The Crisis Management Seminar (CMS) is a 3-day leadership-oriented course which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities to develop a competent security and crisis management program for an organization. Suggested attendees include security managers, crisis managers, risk managers, member care personnel, human resources personnel, operational leaders, and any person who may serve on a crisis management team.

In the CMS, participants are trained on how to serve on a crisis management team in the most complex and critical events. Case studies and table-top exercises are used extensively.

The core components of the CMS include: developing sources of information; risk assessments; organizational policy development; contingency planning; forming and leading crisis management teams; using a crisis management protocol; a real world table-top exercise

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Hostage Event Management Seminar (5 days)

The Hostage Event Management Seminar is a 5-day advanced course designed to prepare leaders of faith-based organizations to manage all aspects of a kidnapping or hostage event. The course focuses on the real world aspects of these events as they relate to the unique environment of faith-based organizations. This seminar is offered on occasion or by special request.

Using a combination of research, case studies and interactive discussion with hostages, family members, negotiators, and managers from actual past cases, course participants learn about all phases of a hostage event from the perspective of multiple actors and stakeholders. The primary focus of the course will be on the decisions and actions of managers and leaders in dealing with hostage cases.

Course topics include: understanding the precursors and warnings of potential kidnappings; the most likely kidnapping environments; managing the first contact with kidnappers; notifications, including families and government; managing the media; relationships with governments; managing negotiations (selecting a negotiator; understanding the negotiation process; overseeing the negotiations; dealing with deadlines; dealing with threats; dealing with demands); ethical and moral issues; the returning hostage.

Presenters of this seminar include former hostages, organizational leaders who have experienced hostage events, agency leaders who have served on hostage event crisis management teams, hostage negotiators from both the faith-based and government sectors, and other special guests. Video interviews, case studies and table-top discussion exercises are used throughout this seminar.

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Short-Term Security Workshop (4-8 hours)

The Short-Term Security Workshop is a scalable session of (generally) 4-8 hours for those who participate in, lead, or send out short-term teams to places with some level of risk. The workshop covers the basics of travel security and situational awareness, as well as other practical tips regarding travel, preparation, planning for crisis events, and managing security in the social media age.

This workshop can be easily added to other gatherings, events, or conferences, and is adjustable for both time and content.

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Security Orientation Workshop (1 day)

The Security Orientation Workshop (SOW) is a 1-day course that covers fundamental security principles for individuals traveling and living in moderate to higher risk environments. The SOW is ideal for those going on short-term mission, short-term mission leaders, and for those going to places with some level of security risk. The components of the SOW are appropriate for all levels of field experience and relevant for venues throughout the world. The key elements of the training include: travel safety; basic awareness; managing one's profile (personal; organizational; online); detecting surveillance; target hardening; managing violent encounters; carjacking; basic vehicle security.

This workshop is scalable and may be expanded to a day and a half or two days, or abbreviated as needed.

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Interrogation Management Workshop (1 day)

The Interrogation Management Workshop focuses heavily on hostile government interrogations. This includes interrogations that happen at street level as well as those in detention settings. Other types of interrogations and scenarios included in this workshop include customs and immigration interrogations, airport security practices, government checkpoints, and hostage captivity interrogations. The workshop will include presentation sessions as well as some interactive role-play scenarios, where participants will experience being interrogated in a hostile setting. The instructors who present this workshop have decades of experience in conducting interrogations and/or managing them – especially related to interrogation tactics as they relate to faith-based workers.

Suggested participants include any faith-based, cross-cultural workers who live or travel in environments with the threat of government interrogation, or who encounter regular government interactions (e.g., vehicle checkpoints, customs and immigration settings). Others who would benefit include short-term trip leaders, as well as church and agency leaders responsible for sending out workers to such settings in order to solidify their preparation and contingency planning process.

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Field Security Seminar (3.5 days)

The Field Security Seminar is a field-oriented training for faith-based, international workers operating in higher risk environments. Participants learn about managing surveillance, maintaining situational and environmental awareness, surviving violent encounters and coordinated attacks, and landmines and IEDs. In addition, participants will learn to manage interrogations, survive hostage events, serve as leaders in emergencies, how to manage carjacking events, and learn the essentials of vehicle security (convoys; checkpoints; ambushes).

Discussion groups, case studies and outdoor exercises are used extensively. Suggested participants include any worker (humanitarian or aid worker or other faith-based, cross-cultural worker) who lives or intends to live in or travel to higher risk environments, particularly those with a the threat of attacks, terrorism, hostage-taking or serious crime.

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Field Security Management Seminar (5 days)

The Field Security Management Seminar is designed to train and equip faith-based field workers or leaders who have the title or responsibility (whether full-time or part-time, official or unofficial) of “security manager” (to include “field crisis manager” and/or “field risk manager”). The seminar covers a number of topics related to field security management, including, but not limited to: concept justification; information source development; staff travel; receiving short-term teams; field risk assessment; developing standards; contingency planning; physical security assessments; government interactions; overland travel; managing attacks; hostage-taking (avoidance and preparedness); surveillance management; physical security measures and technology.

Suggested participants include any field- or regionally-based worker holding the title or responsibility of "security" (to include "crisis" or "risk"), as well as security or organizational leaders who have a desire to implement a field security program within their organization.

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Streaming Video: Travel Security (63 minutes)

This streamable video presentation features CCI’s Executive Director, Bob Klamser, discussing travel safety and security best practices, including packing, situational awareness, surveillance and managing violent attacks.

Purchasers are authorized to show this video to groups and teams (within their own organizations).

COURSE FEE: $95.00


Streaming Video: Crisis Management (57 minutes)

This streamable video presentation features CCI’s Executive Director, Bob Klamser, covering the basic principles of crisis management. These include the dynamics and key elements of staffing crisis management teams and how to implement a useful crisis resolution protocol.

Purchasers are authorized to show this video to groups and teams (within their own organizations).

COURSE FEE: $95.00


Online Security Orientation Course

Crisis Consulting International offers an online security orientation course that is ideal for those participating in church and short-term mission trips, less experienced cross-cultural workers, and for those working long-term in areas of moderate risk.

This course is self-guided and takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. Users may begin the course and return to it later.

Course topics include travel safety and security (packing, airports, taxis, hotels, profile and dress, money) and personal security (profile management, surveillance management, avoidance, awareness, managing violent encounters).

The course includes optional review quizzes at the end of each segment.

COURSE FEE: $35.00



Please check back regularly for updates. Organization-specific training may also be requested by contacting CCI’s training manager.