Virtual Security Manager

Virtual Security Manager Program

CCI is pleased to offer a virtual security manager (VSM) program to its clients. In its most succinct form, the VSM program will provide clients with an individual consultant assigned to them from CCI. This program is completely scalable based on the client’s needs. Examples of services offered under the VSM program include (but are not limited to):

  • Risk and threat assessment: regular monitoring of designated information and intelligence sources for the country(ies) specified by the client; periodic reporting on trends and developments by the consultant to the client for the country(ies) specified; real-time alerts for acute situations in the country(ies) specified.
  • Consultations with the CCI consultant: a range of consultation options will be offered and will include virtual consultations and on-site consultations as agreed to between CCI and the client.
  • Provision of EZRA risk assessment software, initial training in its use, and ongoing technical support and analytical assessment and consultation.
  • Discounted participation in CCI training events.

Pricing will be based on such things as the client’s number of deployed staff, the number of countries included, depth or type of work requested, and other factors. To request a no-cost consultation about this program or to ask for additional information, please contact us at